“Music can name the unnameable and communicate the unknowable.” Leonard Bernstein

Singing is for Every Body

Yes, Every Body! And Everybody! I firmly believe that singing is a mind-body experience similar to Yoga, Alexander Technique, and Dance. It requires focus, concentration, and high-level thinking. Unlike many sports, which often require the mind to be silenced, singing requires you to perform a physical task, while thinking about notes, words, and sometimes words in a foreign language! As a singer, you will also work to develop a character, and convey emotion during a song, musical, or opera!

Vocal Technique Methods

My teaching method centers around three basic concepts: Voice Science, Mind-Body Experience, and Acting Methods.
Voice Science - the physiological phenomenon that we call singing. The adduction of vocal folds, the propulsion of the breath through the folds, and the formants created by your own physical shape of the head, throat, and mouth, which makes each person's sound unique.  Of course YOU don't have to understand all of that. Yet... ;) 
Mind-body experience - Finding the comfort in your own body to allow your own unique sound to come through. Using concepts from yoga and Alexander technique, I try to offer each student different ways to find relaxation, focus, and allow them to enjoy the freedom of sound making. This has also shown to be very helpful in combating performance anxiety.
The Singing Actor - singing is more than just sounds and words. You need to convey the characters and the words printed on every page. I look at the music, the words, the context of the piece to help you find a character that can capture the audience's attention. I work through the theories and methods of Stanislavski, Uta Hagen, and Meisner.