“Music can name the unnameable and communicate the unknowable.” Leonard Bernstein

Singing and Piano Lessons Online and in the San Francisco Bay Area!
Welcome to my Music Teacher's Helper Studio page! I offer singing and piano lessons in Pinole (serving El Cerrito, Richmond, El Sobrante, and Hercules music students), and in Half Moon Bay, CA! I now offer lessons ONLINE via Skype for your convenience! Skype lessons are a great option if you have a busy schedule. Contact me for more details and to discuss the best options!

Singing is for Every Body

  • Yes, Every Body! And Everybody!

  • ​Sing with physical freedom

  • ​Express your heart & soul through song

  • Develop listening skills to improve your pitch

  • ​ Find physical ease singing high notes, soft notes, and challenging text

Vocal Technique Methods

I teach voice to both children and adults. My teaching method centers around three main concepts: 

Voice Science - the physiological phenomenon that we call singing. The process of the vocal folds coming together, the way we use our breath, and the way we approach our music from a physical standpoint: using the voice and breath in a way that is natural, comfortable, and effective. 

Physical-Mental experience - Finding the comfort in your own body to allow your own unique sound to come through. Using concepts from yoga and Alexander technique, I try to offer each student different ways to find relaxation, focus, and allow them to enjoy the freedom of singing beautiful sounds. Many of these methods are very helpful in combating performance anxiety.

Emotional Connection - singing is more than just sounds and words. You need to convey the characters and the words printed on every page. I look at the music, the words, the context of the piece to help you find the voice that can capture the audience's attention. I work through the acting methods of Stanislavski, Hagen, and Meisner.


Music Theory Tutoring

If you would also like to improve your note-reading skills or need help singing in your local choir, I also offer combination voice-piano lessons, or sight-singing tutoring as part of my 45 minute lesson package. Contact me for more details. 

Reviews for Liesl's Voice Studio
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